Saturday, March 8, 2014

Hangin' in Shanghai - Town God temple

So while in Shangai, went down to the Town God Temple markets (Shanghai's number 1 tourist trap). At the "out" gate for the YuYuan Gardens is also the back door to the Town Gods temple. Across the way is a little tea house where you can duck upstairs and sit there quietly watching the crowds go by with a bingder pijiu.  Great value, so we did that for an hour or so.

Interesting dragons guarding the back gate, they had hooves.  I was very interested in the way the roof was put together, all in clay tiles of various shapes depending on their use. There were some neat little gargoyles as well, all in ceramic.  That's the nerd in my and my construction background I suppose. (you can't see the detail of the roof in this shot)

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