Sunday, March 9, 2014

Shanghai - that famous pollution.

This is as bad as anything I saw before the Olympics.w In our hotel (not the finest) you could smell it in the rooms eventually. The PM 2.5 count got up over 800 ppm one night mid-week.  It only seems to get this bad in winter these days, the only factor could be the coal-fired power stations and heating plants. Everyone blames cars and industry but they aren't seasonal things.  The burning of the crop stalks finished over a month before this.

Compare these pics with one of my first posts from September where you can see right across the river to the big new towers on the Pudong side.  Here we have the visibility closing in to about 1000 metres, maybe 800 .........

getting closer .......

and closer -----

check this photo in the paper carefully, this is the same shot the next day taken from the city looking back my way (west).  No trick photography here. 

Oh,and RIP to you, Nelson Mandela.  Invictus !!!

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