Sunday, March 9, 2014

Back to Shanghai - again

A chance to get some warmer temps for a few days.

Here's a guy catching some ZZZZs at the airport on the way down to Shanghai. You can't tell how cold it is from the photo but he must have caught a few rays in that position.

One thing about Nanjing Xi Lu in the Jing 'an area in Shanghai is that there are a few pretty cool restaurants and bars around there.  It took me a while to find a few regular spots I like, here is one of the microbreweries springing up in Shanghai - Dr Beer. Nice food, nice atmosphere.   
Dr. Beer 83 Fumin Rd Jing'an, Shanghai

Also Julu Road (Julu Lu, love it) has some good places, I love Maya which is further back towards town and closer to the JC Mandarin where we've been staying for a few years now. 

Night lights walking back along Nanjing Xi Road to the hotel after some sliders and a few Dr Beers. Bad camera pics and the pollution is pretty bad.  It's hard to see but the trees are all lit up with fairy lights at night. Getting cold too, in December it's getting down to zero in Shanghai. Some years it even snows here. 

Saw this neat little electric bike, very neat and a lovely piece of design.  When you see how old and dodgy looking the local brand scooters look you can really appreciate now pretty this one is.  Actually took this pic a few weeks prior on my walking trip to the Jade Buddha Temple. 

Poster on the wall at my favourite "Chinese Japanese" restaurant, around the side of the Portman Ritz Carlton,  on Xikang Road between Nanjin Xi Lu and Beijing Xi Lu (Beijing West Road). Great value food here, you can eat and drink to bursting point,  Asahi and sake included, for less than 200 rmb.  It's tiny and they cram you in, the food is just as good if not better than any other Chinese Teppanyaki / Yakatori / Sushi place in town costing 3 or 4 times more.

The pollution is kicking in this week, more in my next post. A big round of meetings this week but they are all indoors and mainly at our hotel which means we don't have to go out in this stuff too often. 

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