Saturday, March 8, 2014

Ah - country music !!

I was playing some music quietly in the office the other day, when young David our local guy came in.  The tune in question was the Chillie's "Under The Bridge".  He listens for a few seconds and says "Ah, country music !"

Amazing what another perspective will give you. I thought about it and this song does pass the Country Music Test - if you play country music backwards you get your dog back, your pickup truck back, your job back, your wife back  ........  haha.  And eventually your life back ? Spooky.

Then again, I realised that the song has to be 20 years old now.  I guess it all sounds like country music to Da Yoof, no matter their nationality.

"  ........ Under the bridge downtown, I gave my life awaaaaaayyyy  ....  "


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