Saturday, March 8, 2014

Back to Shanghai - Jade Buddha Temple

Another clear day in Shanghai, we were back for 2 days of meetings .  Took the chance to stay over the weekend and finally track down the Jade Temple.

There were dozens of great shots here, and my battery went flat before I could get everything. Here's a few samples. I love this one below. As my old man wisely advised us boys once  "If you are in a bar and some little guy is talking sh*t looking to start something, forget about him - look out for the big b*stard standing up the back with his arms folded and his mouth shut"

I caught the light just right with these, if I knew some editing tricks I think they would come up well  I will post up some more from this series later, got some interesting viewpoints from around the grounds.

"In radiant light #1"

"In radiant light #2"

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