Saturday, March 8, 2014

Dinner and a (public) dance - flash mobbin' in the old LY

So, it's the second week on September, time to go into town and stock up on foodstuffs and grab a feed.

Glad to see they had the elaborate bacon, none of that regular stuff for me any more !  So then we went to dinner, here is Steve the local accountant showing me all the delicacies on offer at one of the town's two all-you-can-eat-and-drink-for-2 hours buffet restaurants.  The price is 49 rmb ( 8 bucks 50 ) per person.

Outside the restaurant there is a corner where they have the night markets, I thought this was the last one for the year but later on I did see a few odd stalls around the place after dark, even on Christmas night there was a guy with his portable barbeque stall out but they are the exception more than the rule in winter.

Below is what translates as "square dancing" as it is coreographed  dancing in the town square or at a free space at major intersections - also known as a square. This was the last time I saw it for 2013, when the weather is warmer there are huge turnouts all over town.

terrible phone pics taken from the taxi

sorry about the quality

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