Sunday, March 23, 2014

Ah, the Bund at night ...........

Back in town on the 15th of March for some meetings. I booked dinner at number 5 on the Bund as a treat for myself.

I got there early and they were closed for a pre-dinner function so I went across the road to number 3 to see what I could see. This guy snagged The Good Spot.  Obviously knows someone around here. The Bund is the street at the end of this photo, that runs along the river front.  So I had a look at the directory in the foyer of number 3, and there's a bar at the top floor. Hmmmm... why didn't I think of this before ?

So, up I go and grab a beer ..........

A beautiful late winter's evening on the river, looking over to the "new" side of Shanghai, with the moon coming up ..... . 

I never get tired of this view. Moon emerging from behind the new Shanghai tower in the background and some crazy animated advertising on the building in front. I had to look at it for a few minutes to make sure it wasn't a game simulation, it looked for all the world like one of those manic vertical scrolling phone games.

The Shanghai Pearl tower, once the jewel of the Pudong (new) side, it gets dwarfed from some angles these days. 

Fantastic views for the price of a drink.  They have a restaurant inside as well, which I will have to try out later. Most of the locals (Chinese) got off on the lower floors which were as far as I could tell were a buffet style joint that the Chinese just flock to.  Get 'em in cheap,and rotate 'em through. On the top floor it was oh so much more civilised of course, more my speed.

Standard (for the Bund) flood-lit flag and bell tower 

The moon continues it's stately march into the sky.
Hello Jade Rabbit !!!

That's my table, RIGHT there ... 

And when I got back to my room that night, a little gift from the staff at the Jing'an Swissotel. Not the largest chain in the world but this place continues to impress .....  Gee thanks folks !

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