Sunday, March 23, 2014

There and back again, an Adam's tale.

Back in Australia for a while, I didn't get to have any time off as it turned out.  Spent most of the time at the factory, where old man Kanga who guards the front gate hadn't moved much. Here he is again ignoring those of us who try to disturb his rest.

I was driving near the factory on the weekend, went down over the border for a look around saw this great volcanic outcrop on the way back.  First from the NSW side,

then from the Queensland side  near Rathdowney about a half hour later. I just missed the part where the rock actually threw a shadow through the cloud while I was fussing with the zoom ......

Then a few days later, back in Sydney airport again ...


and the morning after that, back in Changchun, south China waiting to taxi out for the flight back to Liaoyuan 
Visibility about 150-200 metres. The Chinese government decided last year that due to the smog all pilots flying in China will need to be instrument rated for zero visibility takeoffs and landings. 
Errr ...  wasn't that a thing everywhere else for, like, the last 50 years ?

And that night, back in Liaoyuan and good old Chinese ingenuity !
Best .. use .. of .. gym .. mat ......ever !!!

-- O --

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