Saturday, March 8, 2014

Home from home

Here are the "villas" on the factory grounds here in Liaoyuan, they look quite nice though in need of a little maintenance outside and a bit more maintenance inside. In the Autumn sunshine it all looks very nice, the gardens are past the best now but there is a little tree lined avenue running along 2 sides then the stand of trees behind and some quite extensive gardens between us and the factory, and also the next main road in front. I really missed the photos I took the month before as the gardens were at their best, the bees buzzing and all.  This is around the second week in September and the temps were still sitting between the low teens overnight and the low twenties during the daytime.

I stay in the villa on the right (above)

trees (above) already bare for the winter

long view from the gardens. (above)  and my office (below) for the next 9 months, on and off.

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