Sunday, March 23, 2014

Ice man

Taken 22nd Feb, the snow is all gone now but the ice that remains is deadly.  On other years it hangs around  until late March in big clumps shoveled off the roads where it re-freezes and gets dirtier all the time.

Which is why I am so glad I found these at an Ecco pop-up store in Shanghai last December. I thought they only made purses and wallets, a fine Italian brand.  When I took a close look at these boots I had to have them. On special of course ....

They were the largest pair they had left, Euro 42 which just fit. I was worried that they would be too small.  I wore them for a half a day, then again two days later, and they were broken in. Absolutely brilliant and (living in Australia) possibly the last pair of boots I will ever need to buy. 

Check out the soles ! Sure beats skating around in leather soled dress / office shoes 

As I had in past years, skating around town after dark getting dinner. 

Walking back to the villa from the front gate after dinner, about 7:30 PM

Don't know why the photos came out so yellow, the lights are a regular white type. 

All quiet on the northern front. 

-- O --

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