Saturday, May 3, 2014

R and R in Australia

Took my car out for a drive while home. I was hoping for better weather but it rained the whole time I was in Jindabyne except for about 2 hours on the Thursday.  I drove up to Charlotte's Pass and Guthega then down to Island Bend to see if I could get close to the Snowy River but all the old campsites were closed off with "Danger - Asbestos" signs up.

So I followed the old dirt road along the river and downhill, it was a bit hairy in the wet but I made it down the bottom of the dirt road.

And over the river.  From here the road is definitely 4 wheel drive only.  A lovely place for camping but better done in a vehicle with more than 100mm ground clearance.


So now it's back to work for a few weeks then off to China again .


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