Friday, May 2, 2014

On the way out

Heading back through Shanghai and Guangzhou on the way home for this rotation out ...

on the shuttle bus between the plane and the terminal in Shanghai.  No emergency exit for you ! (me).

around the corner from the Jing 'an temple, I guess you could say it's nearly Paris, almost, maybe ......  
.....  ahh, nope. 

here's a different view of the temple, from the elevator of the department store next door.  The funny part is, every part of the building faces another way, this is the ONLY place that has a view of the temple !

Then, on to Guangzhou and the Pullman airport hotel.  For the price, it's very tasteful, and only one sleep from home.  Yay !

The hotel bar

very nice

It was full of these sculpture-ey lamp-type creations made from wire and some  type of textured crepe paper. I liked them so much I took a few photos.

..... and by the time I got settled in the restaurant was closed.  So this was my final dinner in China - with apologies to Amos Milburn / John Lee Hooker / George Thorogood.

Thank you China, and goodnight !!!!


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