Friday, May 2, 2014

How I made it through the Winter

Thanks to the following products, and my "sponsor"  Sacred Ride in Jindabyne.  My good friend "uncle" Marty Whittington helped me pick out the Thermal gear.  If you are ever up that way drop in for all your alpine-related sporting needs. Tell them Adam sent you !.

the boots I bought in Shanghai

My thermals

my Ugg boots, from the genuine outlet Aussie Sheep and Wool Products, West Botany Street Sydney.

Some of the books and DVDs that got me through.  Loved the Sopranos, especially the throw away lines and the malapropisms "She's like an albacore around my neck !" but my favourite line of all time is " you can't put the shit back in the donkey "

Then I watched the Breaking Bad box set.  I would have to agree, BEST SERIES EVER !!  watching The Wire box set now but it's not so good, more of a straight police procedural and still very well observed but not a patch on Breaking Bad.

Thanks Woolies - pasta sauce in a non-breakable container

... aaaaand finally the VPN software that breaks the GFWOC and allows me to get out of China. Without it I wouldn't be posting at all.

Plus it goes without saying, TimTams, Vegemite, and all the other goodies one can fit in a single suitcase.


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