Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Durban Markets - this year's haul.

I've been in Africa and I will post up this entry a little out of order, I will get to how I came to be in Durban shortly but for now I have to post up some pics for a friend.

First up, Zulu woven bowls. These are made from telephone wire. When made from grass by a skilled weaver they are water tight and were used in olden times for drinking beer.

OK, these aren't watertight

These necklaces 1, 2, 3 are the best quality, 23 strands each and the first two with matching bracelets. (dunno where the third bracelet went)  and the other two braided style on the sides are pretty detailed too.

Above, braided style. I somehow picked up 2 the same colour.  Same price - $15

Semi-precious stone necklaces and matching ear rings.  Guess who the turquoise one is for ?
(Hi Dot).
These above were a bit more expensive obviously. 

Salt and pepper shakers

These bags are great, really sturdy and well made.  For reference the tiles underneath are 400 mm square which is about the same size as the bag.  I picked these up to carry the other stuff in and buy are they great 

Little "Zulu princess dolls" make a nice gift.  Also some really genuine old ivory earrings

Zulu necklaces above and below, the cheaper type were everywhere but they were all way too large, they looked like body armour and in the usual cheezy (South African flag) colours.   These were classy.

Not a lot of earrings around this time, I guess things are a bit different each year.  I found these ones below at Victoria Street Markets though, there were a bunch of them on these felt cards, old stock from somewhere obviously. More fragile than they look - one set didn't make it home intact.

So a bit of a mix of things this time.  All of these are up for grabs or if you think any of the pieces would make a nice Christmas gift then let me know which one and who for.  

---- oooOooo ----

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