Saturday, June 28, 2014

Takin it to the streets

Going for an evening walk in town, up to the Little Sheep restaurant for a hot pot dinner. (10th May)

Everyone is out and about 

The street vendors large and small ;;;

The local Little Sheep franchise ...

I don't normally take pictures of food but 

a traditional Chinese hot pot meal is not something you see back home

and as it turned out this restaurant closed down shortly after, this may have been one of the last meals we had there ......

I love the VW taxi with the BMW sticker.  You see all type of Ling Longs and other locally made cars with the Fully Hektik Drift Set of stickers - HKS, Nismo, TRD, Brembo, etc all on the one car so this one is pretty tame by comparison.


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