Saturday, June 28, 2014

Dinner and a club

On the 16th of May my friend had his wife in town for the weekend, another guy bought his wife along so we went to my favourite restaurant for dinner (barbecue) then to the local club.

David, his wife, and YY's wife Dora (the explorer)

again with the crazy t-shirts

everything you can think of, barbecued on a skewer. Love it. 

Got to the club around 8, plenty of tables to choose from. We grabbed a good one on the side (floor level balcony) near the stage. 

Massive screens and laser show to keep the audience entertained between acts.  At times the windows 3.x "starfield" screen saver would pop up which is instantly recognisable to an old IT guy like me.

Just a real old fashioned night club, they have two or three sets of performers with their own lead singers and dancers that rotate through the night, probably 2 or more costume changes per hour per team, with guest solo acts in between, jugglers, comedians, acrobats, you name it.

Each act is introduced by an EmCee that keeps the crowd entertained between acts. (The original Master of Ceremonies, not MC as in rapper).  The whole act changes each month. Must be about time to go back !

Turns out you aren't supposed to take photos.  When I tried to get a few close ups of the sword swallowing guy who was eating lit cigarettes they told me to give it up. 

And the whole thing goes on until dawn, with food of all types, drinks, give-aways, auctions, and countless stretchy balloons in the shape of animals, antlers, love hearts, to wear on your head and eventually pop with cigarettes until the next round of balloons comes out (Like everywhere else, the club is a smoking environment).   We left around 12:30.


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