Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Brembo front brake setup for Silvia S15 - with free 5 stud conversion

Hi all.

Selling these, the older version of the Alpha / Omega Evo9 brake kit.  Like this link but with the older Evo 9 320mm rotors not the Evo 10 350mm rotors.  Note that the kit as sold still uses the Evo9 calipers same as mine.  These units were taken off a Evo after maybe 2-3,000 K and replaced with AP Racing gear so I picked these up near new from the owner of Alpha Omega personally.  The rotors and pads are the OEM Evo originals and after about 30,000 Ks are still as good as ever.  Pretty much fade free on the track and the other benefit is that you don't have to change pads as often, or much at all.


I couldn't be bothered seperating the uprights / stub axles from the rest.  The original calipers, 320mm disks, and "dogbone" adapters cost me $1200.  So I'm throwing in a front 5 stud conversion and anodised aluminium wheel nuts and THE LOT IS YOURS FOR $1000

CALL OR SMS ADAM ON  0403 600 551.

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